Deflationary Mechanism

  1. The Black Hole: Each buy & sell, 4% of all $FLIBERO traded are burnt in The Black Hole (dead address). The more that is traded, the more get put into the black hole causing it to grow in size, larger and larger through self fulfilling Auto-Compounding, reducing the circulating supply and keeping the FLIBERO protocol stable.

  2. FLIBERO Bank: The total inflation rate of 2.04% a day is reduced when people lock in Libero Bank, which give 1.04% FLIBERO a day plus a very high USDC rewards. This mechanism allowing your FLibero to grow at higher rates than the overall rate of all the tokens as 30% of them (staked in the FLibero Bank) will be reduced to 1.03% grow rate per day. You help you Libero gain value by staking a portion in FLibero Bank as you help slow the overall inflationary rate down.

  3. Automatic Hyper Burn: Additionally, from the time you start with Libero, there is a 1-4% token burn every week which also slows the total token -> Inflationary rate slow down.

These mechanisms allow you to compound faster than the total supply giving you more potential profit as you hold longer as these mechanisms apply more to your share of the market overtime.

In simple words, the longer you hold fLIBERO, the bigger your share of total market cap and it will be ever-increasing. Even if market cap does not grow, the USD value of tokens in your wallet will still be growing. If market cap is grown by having new investors, your USD value of tokens will grow even more thanks to your share/total supply increasing continuously every week.

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