Bridge from BSC to FTM

Select "BSC" on "From Chain". Select "Fantom" on "To Chain"

If this is your first time bridging from BNBChain to Fantom, it is better to bridge $FTM.
Because on Fantom network, you will need $FTM as gas fee (similar to BNBChain network, you will need $BNB as gas fee).
Here is the tutorial to: Buy $FTM on PancakeSwap

Choose the token you would like to bridge

Each token has a minimum and maximum amount supported by Anyswap. Bridging tokens other than FTM onto the Fantom network will not incur a fee! There will still be a fee for all tokens when transferring off of the Fantom network.
Soon after entering your amount, the Bridge Token button will become clickable to confirm your transaction, which will be followed by a MetaMask popup finalizing the transaction. The received amount will automatically deduct the price of the fee.
If your transaction takes longer than 24 hours, you may need to force the transaction through using the Anyswap Explorer Tools.
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How to Bridge
1. Select BSC Networks
2. Select the Token & Enter the Amount
Select the token
Select the amount you would like to bridge & Click "Bridge Token"