Why fLIBERO = Defi 3.0

Traditional Defi & $fLIBERO Defi 3.0 comparison

Traditional Defi (1.0 & 2.0)

fLIBERO Defi 3.0

Manual Burn: Some project have manual burn though not all. Those burns are usually based on milestone such as number of holders, birthday of the project. These burns, occasionally, have some small effect of the value of the token but rarely increase holder's value.

Automatic Hyper Burn: Every week, 1 to 4% of fLIBERO total circulating supply will be burned. This percentage will evolve based on our Automatic Hyper Burn algorithm according to the number of holders and the tokens held by each. Effectively increase each holder's USD share / total marketcap.

BuyBack & Burn: Increase the price of a token but provide no additional help for liquidity, which is essential to a project.

BuyBack & "Burn to Liquidity": Increase both price & builds a large liquidity for long term price stabilization.

Users owned liquidity: Is often dangerous when markets fall and holders break their liquidity to convert to stable tokens, undervaluing the token and making it susceptible to manipulation from whales.

Protocol owned liquidity: Liquidity can never be emptied because it's owned by the protocol from the Buyback & Burn to Liquidity process.

No farming fund or just static fund: Many projects don't have a protection fund. Some project's funds simply sit in wallet providing no additional features and providing no additional yields

Having both fLibero Insurance Treasury fund and a Treasury fund: The LIT in USD will remain constant as it is a stable coin, though the value of the fund will increase over time. The treasury in BNB acts as a means to support liquidity and increase price.

Single-chain farming: Can only farm on single chain.

Multi-chain farming: The LIT & Treasury funds are used to invest in the best & newest farms on multiple chains. Profits are brought back to support price floor.

Manual stake & compound: Stressful process of moving from farm to farm to stake, harvest & compound manually

Buy & relax, fLIBERO will auto-stake & compound for you: fLIBERO will do all the farming & auto-compounding on multiple chains.

Manual earnings collection: Earnings need to be collected from multiple farms on multiple chains manually, and then manually sold for a profit, gas fees can become an issue with such small transactions for such small profits.

Automatic earnings distribution: Earnings will be automatically distributed every 10 mins at 1.02%/day and auto compounding 4,038.29% a year into holder's wallet without having to do anything.

No price floor or price floor increase linearly: Most of Defi 1.0 projects have no mechanism to maintain a price floor.

Some Defi 2.0 project have a treasure to buyback & maintain price floor allowing for some increase over time but this treasury has no auto-compounding mechanism like fLIBERO and can only increase linearly by time.

Price floor increasing exponentially: Because the LIT and treasury funds are used to farm on multiple chains and then auto compound its profit, the treasury fund increase exponentially over time. This fund is used to buyback $fLIBERO when needed to increase the price floor, so the price floor can also increase exponentially.

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